IVF #1

This is the official schedule for my first IVF — it’s mostly to keep myself on track, but feel free to follow along!

Beforehand: On BCP (Apri), plus 2 weeks of antibiotics to cure a mild bacterial infection in my uterine lining.

Dec. 27 – Started Lupron injections (0.1 cc), once per evening.

Dec. 30 – Stopped taking BCP.

Jan. 11 (Day 0) – Bloods and u/s in the morning; estrogen too high, at 320. Needed one more week on Lupron :(

Jan. 18 (Day 1) – Started Gonal-f (200 iu), once per day.

Jan. 21 (Day 4) – Bloods and u/s in the morning.

Jan. 23 (Day 6) – Bloods and u/s in the morning. Doctor decided not to do Luveris, stayed on Gonal-f and Lupron.

Jan. 25 (Day 8) – Bloods and u/s in the morning.

Jan. 27, 28, 29 (Day 10, 11, 12) – Bloods and u/s in the morning. Took HCG trigger shot on the 11th, then stopped all other meds.

Jan. 30 (Day 13) – Egg retrieval. 28 eggs, 26 mature, 21 fertilized. Also have a 50/50 chance of OHSS.

Feb. 4 (Day 18) – Transfer one 5-day blastocyst, with 14 others to freeze. Have mild OHSS.

Feb. 13 (9dp5dt, or 14 dpo) – BFP!!! Beta is 244.

Feb. 15 – Beta is 445 (55-hour doubling time); cue mild freak-out.

Feb. 19 – Beta is 1,672 (50-hour doubling time); a bit more hopeful, but still being cautious.

Mar. 4 – First ultrasound, measuring 6 weeks 4 days. Heart rate 128.

Mar. 14 – Second ultrasound, measuring 8 weeks. Heart rate 173.

Apr. 11 – NT scan, measuring 12 weeks 4 days. Heart rate 157.

May 8 – 16 week appt. All looks good! Due Oct. 23!

Oct. 13 – Max is born, via C-section, screaming and healthy.

3 thoughts on “IVF #1

  1. I just wanted to wish you luck. I stumbled upon your blog doing a search for “Oosight”, the imaging system that assists with the ICSI procedure. I work for the company that makes it and it is a great system. No commercial here, just wishing you the best.

  2. Hey! You are such a regular commenter on my blog, I feel horrible that I am just discovering where you are located. Need to find the follow button on your blog :) You are at such a fabulous juncture right now…so happy for you!

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