Good news and bad news

OK, well I feel like I can half-exhale now. Just got a call from the nurse after going in this morning for Day 0 bloodwork and an ultrasound. I have 8 follicles on my right ovary, 10 on my left — they didn’t tell me the sizes, but I assume they’re nice and small. The problem is that my estrogen is higher than it should be. It’s at 320, and it should be 200 or less. My progesterone was 13 (isn’t this a bit high?), and my LH was 2.


So, this means I need to stay on the Lupron for an extra week and hope that my estrogen drops. If it goes down by the 18th, then I can start stimming with the Gonal-f and whatnot.

I guess this is better than having my entire cycle cancelled, but I’m pretty bummed about something not going right so early in the game. I’m also pessimistic about my estrogen actually decreasing, and now paranoid that my lining is getting even MORE stale. On top of this, I had my endometrial biopsy this morning — where they “nick” the lining to make it get extra sticky and help the embryo(s) implant — but if it’s going to be weeks before I get anything inserted in there, I highly doubt the stickiness will last. Why they scheduled the nicking BEFORE they’d gotten the results of my bloodwork, I have no idea.

Finally, if this cycle gets pushed back any further, I’m pretty sure it’ll mean that my hubby will be away for the transfer. He’s booked a work trip in early February that cannot be cancelled, and ugh — it will suck for him not to be here when they put the embryo in.

11 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. I really wish I knew more about this stuff. Could your progesterone still be high because you didn’t have a period? I don’t know. I’m clueless. :S

    Get it together, hormones!

  2. Hmm I wish I knew what those were in US units. Forgive me for asking a question you’ve likely already spoken about but are you not going to have a period before day 0?

    • It doesn’t look like it… they said I “may or may not” bleed while on Lupron, and I haven’t so far. But maybe if my progesterone starts to drop, it’ll happen, and then my estrogen will fall too? Who knows… apparently, in US units, my estrogen (E2) level would be 87.2.

      • Yes that IS a high E2. Ideally it should be in the 30’s-50’s. The only time I had a highish E2 (75) was after a clomid cyst.
        Day 3 P4 should be below 1.5 in US units but since you are not day 3 I have no idea where that leaves you. Did you have a period before beginning Lupron? (Auto correct keeps changing this to Lipton)
        I don’t pretend to know much about IVF, thankfully we never had to go beyond FSH/IUI but personally I would be uncomfortable beginning a cycle with those hormone levels and the lack of a bleed.
        Were any other protocol options, other than Lupron?

  3. Sorry about the delay. That sounds stressful. But it sounds like everything can still go smoothly for you! Just a little extra patience! Did they look for a cyst on your ovaries? The time I had one it was giving off extra estrogen and I had to go on BCP for 3 weeks to shrink it, but then it was totally fine. Wishing you good luck!

  4. I feel the same pessimism about my cyst. The RE says it should go away by my next period and I can start stims. But I’m not so confident. Fingers crossed you won’t have any more delays.

  5. That sucks. I was looking forward to crossing paths with you at the clinic! As much research as I’ve done, I have no idea what high progesterone early in your cycle would mean. On the plus side, looks like you definitely aren’t oversuppressed on the Lupron so you should still hopefully respond well to the stims when you start them. And I’m way jealous of your 18 follies! Hang in there.

  6. Ugh!! I’m sorry to hear that :-( I’ve heard of this happening to a lot of ladies though. The delay really stinks! Hopefully your levels will be perfect with your next check! I will keep all my crossables crossed that you can get going with your cycle ASAP! Oh, and nice follicles – that’s really awesome. I bet you’re going to have tons of awesome eggies during your cycle! Woot!

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