And we’re off! Woohoo!


Just got the call from our clinic — we are officially ready to start stimming! My estrogen has dropped wayyyyy down, from 320 to 65 (in U.S. terms, that’s from 87.2 to 17.7), and my progesterone went from 13 to 4.7. LH is still hanging out a steady and useless 2. Follie-wise, I’ve now got 14 on the right and 10 on the left, which is great — I’m really hoping for 24 children, ultimately, so fingers crossed. ;)

I thought I’d have to wait until Sunday to start my Gonal-f injections, but apparently my doctor wants me to begin them tonight, continuing through the weekend, with another check-in on Monday. Weird thing: I’m supposedly staying on Lupron for the entire ovary-stimulating process. Is this normal? I was kind of hoping I could kick it to the curb.

And once again, this messes with my calendar/timeline, but I’m pretty sure my Day 1 is now today — does that sound right?

23 thoughts on “And we’re off! Woohoo!

  1. I wish I could answer your questions, but I’m stupid about IVF. Just wanted to comment and say “Whoo-hoo!” This is getting exciting! Twenty-four seems like a good number. :)

  2. Hooray! I start tomorrow, cycle buddy! I’ve been on Lupron Depot, so I guess it’s kinda like being on Lupron the whole time. It should still be doing it’s thing while I’m stimming. As far as days go, my clinic kind of starts counting all over. It’s not CD1, it’s Med Day 1. So yeah, it’s day 1. Good luck!

  3. Haha! 24 follies is fantastic!!

    I can’t remember anything from my ivf cycle. Sorry! I once knew what all those numbers meant and now my mind is mush!

    Yay for starting stims!

  4. I am a really serious person. I don’t laugh naturally, even at the funniest TV shows. And when I read yur comment about ultimatly wanting 24 children, I laughed out loud alone at my desk! Hahahaha! 24 DOES sound like a perfect number! I am sorry I dont know anything about ‘normal’ IVF because my donor will be the one doing that, but I am excited that you are stimming!

  5. Hooray!! Congrats!!! Toldja the stimming would be here before you know it ;) and the next thing you know, you’ll be at retrieval!!!!! 24 follies is awesomely awesome! As far as calendar days, it’s annoying but you’ll call retrieval day “O” day and then just count 14 days back from that for “CD 1” This will actually come in handy, because, at least here in the states, some OB nurses are not-so-smart about trusting an “O” date to get a due date from, so when you’re pg everyone will be asking you for your LMP in order to calculate the due date, so just keep your retrieval date in mind and give them 14 days back from that as “LMP” even if it’s obviously total bull.
    Did that make sense? (I feel like that was confusing with way too many acronyms…) Anyway, good luck! Very exciting! Yes, I stayed on Lupron for a while when stim started and then tapered off. Keep us posted on your belly-bloating progress :)

    • Totally makes sense, thanks!! Yeah, I guess the cycle day doesn’t really matter right now anyway… not until I do the retrieval and then enter the 2ww (and of course, if it’s successful, I’ll need to determine my LMP by working backwards). Still kind of ridiculous!

  6. Super news! I don’t remember how the counting went…but I do know that the day of your retrieval is the date you can use as your “ovulation” day when you’re counting that part of things.

    Exciting times, indeed! And this is just the beginning…

  7. Hey there clinic buddy, that’s great news! I was actually in this morning too but had to go super early as I had to be at an early work meeting, so sorry I couldn’t stick around. Anyway, as far as our clinic goes I actually think they call the day you start stims Day 0. And yeah, I was scheduled to stay on Lupron for the whole long protocol right up until trigger day. I did get knocked back from 1 unit to 0.5 at some point though. I’m very excited for you, hope everything goes great!!

  8. YAY!! So exciting! Come on 24 babies!! :D I love that. It is normal in certain protocols to keep using the Lupron for awhile. I can’t wait to follow along and see how awesome this turns out for you!!!

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