Bump pics and delusional stroller needs

A’ight, so I’ve taken the plunge and added a “bump pics” page to Yeah, Science! — those of you who are experts at analyzing mid-sections for fetal presence are more than welcome to take a gander, while those of you who find this photo-documentation obsession unsettling can just take a pass. I decided I would wear the same thing in each photo, but don’t ask how I came up with this combo — I frankly NEVER wear yoga pants, let alone yoga pants combined with a dress shirt (?). But now I’m stuck with it.

On another note, I found my dream stroller last week while walking past a thrift store near my house. Are you ready for the amazingness? Ready? Bam:


How cute is it?? Don’t get me wrong — I am WAY too superstitious to actually buy a stroller at this stage in the game, but I’m obsessed with vintage prams and fell in love with it. It’s totally practical, too — can fit into any sized trunk, easy to navigate down the aisle of a streetcar, collapses into a car seat and weighs no more than a small avocado.

Don’t worry, though — if someone happens to purchase it before I do, there’s a back-up plan in place. It’s called this:


Or possibly this, which I have on hold at Etsy:


11 thoughts on “Bump pics and delusional stroller needs

  1. I’ve seen a celebrity but that exact same stroller from Harris’s!! I’m sure it’s at least above $3,000! If I were you I’d snatch it honey! Ps- that’s my favorite kind of stroller too, I’m dying to get something like that!

  2. Oh, you definitely have to go with the last one!

    I think I can see something starting to expand outward in your 12 week photo. (Also, I’d probably hate you a little for having such toned abs if my flabby abs weren’t due to my own laziness.) :)

  3. There is definitely a difference between week 8 and week 16. You’ll get there!
    I’d say at 16 weeks you are pretty safe to start buying baby items. Especially if you see a great find like that!

  4. Adorable bump pics! I can totally see a difference. I love those strollers, too and they are totally making a comeback. Which isn’t good for pricing but at least you’ll look super trendy walking down the street.

  5. So glad you posted bump pics. You are really adorable….you look very pixie-ish. Ha. In your last pic, your stomach looks like mine. Almost like it’s just stretching wider and changing shape. Really weird. I am so ready for it to clearly be BABY!

  6. I had a cousin as tall as you, she never really ever got a bump with any of her pregnancies, there was so much room to grow. On the bright side she didnt seem as uncomfortable in the last trimester!

  7. I like the look of the first pram. I’m more of a 3 wheel jogging stroller mom myself though. :) Congratulations btw, I’m a new reader.

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