First nightmare

OK, so usually when people start telling me about the craaaaazy dream they had last night, I start rolling my eyes because other people’s dreams are not entertaining. Like, “Ooooh, your brain had some unusual thought processes? That NEVER happens! FASCINATING….” The one exception to this rule is my husband’s dreams, because they genuinely make for the most absurd narratives (one of my favourites was one in which he was walking somewhere, then looked down and realizing he was walking on crocodiles).

Anyway, my point is that I will make this entry brief, in light of the fact that it involves a nightmare I had last night — the very first involving my pregnancy being at risk. In short, I was at some haunted hospital, at night, and a nurse was moving the doppler on my stomach, and said, “The heartbeat is too fast,” then gave me a look that said, “This is totally over.” And so I rushed to the fertility clinic for a proper ultrasound, except my doctor was suddenly Christopher Lloyd circa Back to the Future, and he wouldn’t let me do an ultrasound because I apparently broke the machine last time when I kept giggling. So I was begging and pleading with Christopher Lloyd and swearing on my life that I wouldn’t giggle anymore and I just really needed to see my baby.


And then I woke up. It sounds like the dumbest dream ever, but it was terrifying. I’m pretty sure what prompted this was something I read recently about how I shouldn’t be sleeping on my back because the weight of the fetus in my ute can compress some artery that, in turn, would make my heart rate slow down and deliver less blood/oxygen to the baby. And ALL last night, I kept waking up to find myself lying on my back, then panicking and turning onto my side. And then it would happen again, and again, and again (and this is especially weird because normally I hate sleeping on my back). OK, I’m boring myself now… so I’ll stop. But I think the lesson here is: Don’t ever watch Back to the Future. Or maybe also: Don’t freak out about every single pregnancy guideline. Take your pick.

13 thoughts on “First nightmare

  1. Totally untrue about sleeping on your back! In fact, in India, women are told not to sleep on their sides but ONLY on their backs. I don’t think they have any statistical differences in oxygen deprivation to the fetus ;-)
    Once my midwife told me it was only during labour that positioning can impact heart rate and oxygen supply (and I remember this being the case when I had my son), I slept so much better. In fact, during this pregnancy, she moves so much more when I am on my back. I’m guessing this would not be the case if her heart rate were dropping.
    And I hear you on the dreams. I think I get visibly angry when people start to recount their dreams to me!

  2. I’ve always liked sleeping on my side but recently I’ve been sleeping sort of on my side and sort of on my belly. It’s a weird position but it’s the only way I can sleep. I think sleeping on your back only becomes a problem much later in pregnancy when the weight of the uterus can compress the arteries in your abdomen and make it hard to breathe. I don’t think it’s all that bad for the baby.

  3. I’ve been sleeping on my side almost my entire pregnancy because I was scared shitless by the NEVER EVER EVER SLEEP ON YOUR BACK WHILE PREGNANT OR YOU’LL KILL YOUR BABY rule/myth. I don’t know if back sleeping is really as bad as I’ve been led to believe, but I can tell you that my hips absolutely hate me for me side sleeping. Anyway, that’s not helpful…

    I’m one of those weird people who actually does enjoy hearing about other people’s dreams (except my husband’s, which always sound like a scene out of Call of Duty. BORING). I love that Christopher Lloyd was your doctor. That’s awesome. :)

  4. Aren’t pregnancy dreams great? They’re so vivid! Ugh- I had terrible ones with each of my pregnancies.

    I was totally paranoid about sleeping on my back while I was preggo with the wee woman as well. I was also paranoid about eating soft cheeses (even though they’re almost all pasteurized in Canada), or undercooked food, and going for massages- just in case they hit that magic spot on your ankle that could apparently cause contractions. And so on. Now that I’m thinking about it, I was scared shitless of pretty much everything. I hope you’re able to relax with your pregnancy a bit more than I did, though it is really tough to put all those fears to rest.

  5. Omg! That is so funny, but I know what you mean. The dreams can be really freaky at the time. I woken up several times, thinking WTF?! And it leaves me feeling uneasy. I wouldn’t worry much about sleeping on your back. I’m trying not to, but it doesn’t work too well for me. I always put extra pillows behind me, so that it cushions everything. I did wake up a couple times just recently feeling like I couldn’t breathe as well. Mostly that happens when the baby gets a lot bigger.

  6. I also usually hate hearing about other people’s dreams, but in your case it gave me a chuckle. Isn’t it hard to convey how scary it was when you’re telling it to someone? I hate that. It’s like no, bunnies were chasing me, and it was terrifying! Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be just fine, even if Christopher Lloyd is your doctor.

  7. Yikes! I had vivid, horrifying dreams like that from my progesterone suppositories. Hated it!

    And the Libyan reference is from Back to the Future. (They’re who shoot Doc and chase Marty in the DeLorean when he accidentally gets transported back in time!) Arrested Development is awesome, though. You should definitely catch up before the _new_ season starts on Netflix… Wait, I just checked and it looks like the Season Premier was released…TODAY!


    • Oh YEAAAHHHH… Now I remember that line about the Libyans! Thanks for catching it. I must have watched that film at least 20 times in my childhood — I guess I just blanked on that part. :)

  8. I competely understand how Christopher Lloyd wielding a doppler machine would be terrfying… in fact any dream about a problem with your baby would pretty much be the worst dream EVER.

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