Bump Pics

I’m gonna stick ye ol’ bump pics here on this page… bear in mind I am 5’11” and therefore have some crazy-ass fundal height to work with, meaning baby will most likely grow up rather than out. So lower your expectations because the changes here will be subtle. In fact, lower them even further because I’m working with an iPhone 3 and shit lighting. As a bonus, however, you get to not only watch my bump expand but ALSO watch me grow my hair out and renovate the bathroom… three for the price of one! Will I be coping with an awkward mullet by Week 24? Will my toilet be malfunctioning by Week 20? Stay tuned!


8 WEEKS (disappointed face)

12 WEEKS (still disappointed face)

16 WEEKS (semi-pleased-maybe-something-is-there face)

20 WEEKS (Oooooh, that is definitely more than a burrito)20weeks

24 WEEKS (not much difference… except the bathroom!)

28 WEEKS (Yowza, we’re finally poppin’!)

32 WEEKS (Meh, looks the same as a month ago)

36 WEEKS (Full-term, kiddo! We made it!)

23 thoughts on “Bump Pics

  1. I love it! As much as I’m dying to have a if bump from the beginning too…at least you know you won’t be wobbly and humongous when you get near the end. It might be a cute bump at 9 months!

  2. Is it wrong to hate you for being 5’11 AND a skinny bitch? When you mentioned you had high BP and 32E’s, I had a totally different body type in mind ;-)
    I’m 5’9″ with a VERY long waist and I was PLENTY outwards (though not sideways, thank GOD). Consider yourself lucky- the questions about multiples are getting really old! For some reason, it’s usually men who make the inappropriate fat jokes.

  3. Looks like you’ll be a lucky one like my mom that didn’t show much at all. After delivery she was back in her normal non-maternity clothing.

  4. Yeah, I totally look more pregnant than you. And I’m not even pregnant. Nice rack, though. ;) I can’t wait to see the mullet. Rock it!

  5. 5 ft 11?? I am so jealous. I want your pregnant body as an unpregnant person.

    I am 5 ft 2… should I get pregnant, I will be toppling over on a daily basis.

    • Grass is always greener, my friend… aside from the benefit of being able to see over people’s heads at concerts, there really isn’t anything great about being tall. I have ALWAYS wanted to be little. Like, always. Little people have great posture and just seem more upbeat, probably because they’re always looking up. :)

  6. I already looked like a beached whale at 16 weeks (thanks to my overwhelming cravings for Big Macs)… so jealous! Though I do get wanting to look pregnant- I definitely see something there…

  7. I supposed I’m technically the expert, I can get a hint at 16 wks, but you are seriously skinny! The height definately plays in, my co-worker is 6 feet with twins who looks like she’s only carying one!

  8. Aww, I love this!! You are so cute! I love your hair :-) I totally see a difference in each one! I really do! There are some tall, slim ladies in my due date group, and they’re getting bumps around 20 weeks or so. :-)

    • Oooooh, I will cling to this 20-week mark then! Maybe I just need to eat more… I actually dreamt about a McDonald’s cheeseburger last night, so perhaps my body is telling me something.

  9. As one who “popped” at 10 weeks due to the fact that my rib cage is about 2 inches from my hip bones, can I just say…. damn girl you look amazing!!!!! Oh how I have envied those with a torso. You look gorgeous. Love your hair!

  10. WHAT, not only are you smart and hilarious, you are also totally adorable??? My girl crush just became debilitating, I have to go take a nap now. Also, I see the teeniest little bump in your 16 week pic!

  11. You look great little momma! That belly will be filling out even more before you know it. :-) I think by week 30, you’ll really be poppin’!

  12. So, this is hilarious to me. You obviously have that lovely long waist. Meanwhile, my ribs practically touch my hip bones, so at 19 weeks, my bump is bigger than your 36 week. So glad you are full term though! Good luck with the blood pressure!

  13. I have the same body type and am sooo glad you posted this because now at 16 weeks I still worry that I’m not big enough! But for skinny torso girls like us, I guess we just show later. :) Thanks for sharing!

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