Because the world REALLY needs another infertility blogger

I have to admit, I’ve been hesitant to start this thing… I’m not one of those girls who’s starting a blog after one failed cycle trying to conceive naturally. I keep thinking, “Don’t start blogging because, as soon as you do, you’ll end up pregnant and have to shut the whole thing down.” Of course, now, I’m going into my first round of IVF after six failed IUIs and one lousy ectopic to show for it, after a year and a half of trying and failing to make a baby. So I guess maybe I do need an outlet for all this stress, actually…

Stay tuned for what I hope will become one of those IF blogs that’s heavy on piss-taking and sarcasm, less heavy on schmaltzy pontificating.

2 thoughts on “Because the world REALLY needs another infertility blogger

  1. Welcome to the blogworld! And THAT is exactly why you should start a blog! Let’s temp fate, shall we? It would be awesome if you became pregnant and had to shut it down. I know what you mean though, you never think it’s going to be you that needs a blog, until you do. :)

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