I really hope these don’t fizz

I’m sure many of you ladies out there have become well-acquainted with Endometrin — and by well-acquainted, I mean shoved it up your private parts. There’s a lot that gets shoved up our private parts during fertility treatments, of course, and I’ve already dealt with many of these things: Speculums, catheters, HSG fluid, progesterone-in-wax suppositories, ultrasound wands, etc. But when I received my box of Endometrin for my mock cycle, I was a little confused to see the description:

“Does that mean they’re fizzy?” asked hubby.

I really, REALLY hoped it did not. Although, that would at least give me the semblance of something going on up there. Normally, you place your ear to my womb and all you hear is crickets. Dead crickets, which are probably blocking my fallopian tubes.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that the Endometrin wasn’t fizzy, but did fizzle its way out of me pretty quickly much like every other suppository. Bye, fancy underwear!

8 thoughts on “I really hope these don’t fizz

  1. HAHAHA too funny! But only because it didnt fizz. If it did fizz,.. that would not be funny!!! that would be horriable. HUMMM IDK though maybe it would be like fizzing tooth paste? I was against it at first but I really do feel like it cleans better :D

  2. Hahahaha! Just catching up on your blog for the first time:) Fizzy vaginal suppositories and dead crickets blocking Fallopian tubes?! Hilarious! So important to laugh at this shit whenever possible… keep it up! I’m looking forward to reading more and routing for you… And science.

    • Thanks for coming to visit! I’ve added you to my blogroll… and yes, hoping to take a “Stupid Stork” approach to IF, with the occasional bout of heartfelt bawling thrown in for good measure. :)

      • Good plan! I think both are necessary in dealing with it all. Stupid Stork has the right idea. Laugh as often as you can. Cry when you need to. Oh, and vent, cuss, and blame as much as you want to all of us. We can relate, I promise;)

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