It might just be an awesome Valentine’s Day…

Last night, I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test and I was pretty sure it was positive, but it was like this old-school thermometer with the mercury thingy and I had to tilt it at a funny angle to read the lines, and the second line kept disappearing on me (yeah, I get it, subconscious — way to be subtle). This morning, I peed on an actual home pregnancy test (not a thermometer), then took the stick back into bed with me, and lay there staring at the ceiling, wondering how I’d tell everyone that it was negative, if I should cancel my plans to visit a museum tonight just in case I broke down weeping, then convinced myself that it was better negative anyway because my body should really recover from all the medication and the hyper-stimulation before trying to grow a fetus. And wine! Totally wine.

Then I held my breath and looked. And I saw this:


And then I was all:


And then I started crying, and thanking a god I don’t believe in, and I may have actually kissed the damn pee stick, which in hindsight is pretty fucking gross, but at that moment I really just wanted to call the people who make First Response Early Result HPTs and thank them profusely for giving me a second line (I’m still convinced they’re the ones behind this, not myself or my fertility doctors). It’s a bit faint, but at 9dp5dt, I’ll take it.

I had an appointment at the clinic this morning, too, to check up on my OHSS, which is still kicking around but at a “mild” level. I begged to do a blood test because waiting until Monday would kill me, and the nurse relented. My beta was 244.

I’m pretty sure that 9dp5dt is the equivalent of 14 dpo, in which case I think that number should be fine (it’s at least an improvement on the 11 that showed up with my ectopic). I’ll of course be going in Friday to make sure it’s doubling.

Until then: Still not letting Lady Hope in the door, but in good spirits nonetheless. Oh, and this is what Weeps had to say about it:


29 thoughts on “It might just be an awesome Valentine’s Day…

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Faint line? I think this line is as clear as it gets :) And the number sounds great and very promising to me!
    I actually had to laugh about kissing the pee stick – it is totally gross but I’m pretty sure that if I ever get to see that second line this is exactly what I’ll be doing. Hugging and kissing that damn pee stick.
    Happy Valentine to you! You definitely have something special to celebrate!

  2. Yes yes yes! So so excited for you. And that line looks pretty fucking dark to me, woman. Weeps looks so happy, he (she? despite the open leg position, I don’t know cat parts) can’t contain his limbs. :)

  3. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and happy for you!!!! And that line is not faint. And that beta number is amazing. This is a great start to having those 15 kids :)

  4. Omfg!!!! Congratulations! That is such a great number! If you want to do some beta obsessing, try Very promising start!

  5. Awwww!!! So freakin happy for you!!! I knew it would be positive, but I am surprised and über excited all the same. There is something about a pos hpt that makes my heart skip a beat. :)))))

  6. First up: GAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!@! You’re pregnant!!!!!!!!! I had a very good feeling about this cycle for you as soon as you started to say how normal you felt :) Second up: faint line????? Girl, that line is about as clear as it gets at 14dpo. And your beta is awesome. If I could give you any advice it would be to put the pee sticks away for now and just trust in your betas and enjoy this! Also, just know that it is totally normal to feel normal. Im so happy for you!

  7. AGHHHHH! It was taking 1,000 years for the HPT photo to load for me, and I had to go walk around the room and take deep breaths because I knew what it was gonna be, but DAMMIT I COULD NOT WAIT TO SEE IT and thank god it finally showed up because I was about to pass out with anticipation. HUGE congrats, this is so exciting. I had a really good feeling about it!

  8. That is an AMAZING beta!!! I know it sounds weird to hear this, but you are SO pregnant! Congratulations! Couldn’t be more happy for you and your family and science and the FRER manufacturers! p.s. Most. Hilarious. Use. Of. Gif. Ever.

  9. How funny….I had a dream about a positive test the morning I tested positive too. Our bodies “know,” huh? I know I’m late to the game here, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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