On hold…

I’ve decided to wait until Wednesday before I pee on a stick, which means twiddling my thumbs until then. This feels a LOT like when I’m on hold with Air Canada or Bell (my phone provider) and I start to put on my crazy pants as the minutes tick by and I get increasingly agitated. Except now I’m stuck in this state for, like, 48 hours and it’s not a pretty picture. To give you an idea, first play this music:

And then imagine me doing this:

While I clutch handfuls of pee sticks and weep.

Fun times over here. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “On hold…

  1. Are you a Blues Brothers fan? I am possibly the biggest one of all time ever and you have just made me think of the elevator scene in that most wonderful of films.

  2. I think waiting is a good thing. Who wants a negative result just because you tested early? Also, I had zero symptoms, except for one crazy emotional freak out that came from nowhere. Don’t stress about that. I told myself it’s because my body was just so good at being pregnant that it didn’t start spazzing with symptoms. Rrrrriiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttttt…

    Anyway, fingers crossed for Wednesday. Think of everything working in your favour. Those little eggs were RIDICULOUS. As if it COULDN’T implant. As if.

  3. Glad you stopped by my blog. Love finding other funny infertiles. ;) I swear to sweet baby Jesus above, there is no way I’d get through this shit if I didn’t know how to laugh. Thinking of you. And good luck not peeing on those sticks.

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