Babymoon in Iceland

After a reassuring 8-week ultrasound, my hubs and I were kind of like, “Erm, now what?” We’re used to 2-week waits and constant monitoring of my ovaries, not entire months going by in between check-ups on a fetus. That is living inside me. Presumably. We’re also accustomed to hearing shitty news, not hearty “congratulations” from fertility doctors. All this to say, we’re finding it pretty damn weird transitioning into the life of a couple with a (knock-on-wood) healthy pregnancy. We still aren’t going to buy any books or maternity clothes or nursery stuff until waaaaay down the line, but one thing we have managed to do is plan a babymoon to Iceland. My logic is, if we go in early June, we’ll be halfway into the second trimester, which is a pretty safe time to travel. And if all hell breaks loose and Right On Time Fetus doesn’t make it… well, it’ll just have to be a miscarriagemoon because I will go stark frickin’ mad if I don’t escape Toronto in the next few months. This sounds insanely snobby, but I’m used to going on press trips, very regularly, to exotic destinations, and I’ve had to turn down COUNTLESS trips this past year (Cuba, Peru, Napa, Italy, Grenada, etc.) all due to fertility treatments. I really, really, really just want to fall asleep on a plane and wake up to puffins and tiny ponies and volcanoes and so many women named Björk.

I’m also desperate to visit the Blue Lagoon because, um, hello:


And apparently it’s safe for pregnant women to swim in, being at a nice warm 28 degrees instead of a boiling hot tub.

Also, look how cute this wee little Icelandic pony is:


He’s even got some kind of equine beard happening. You go, pony!

Anyway, we’re pretty stoked for this (even if our bank accounts are not) — but do you think we’re being reckless and stupid? All the “normal” parents we know say babymoons are essential to preserving sanity and we should go for it, but the infertile in me keeps saying, “Is this too risky?” The medical care in Iceland is top-notch and we won’t be straying too far from Reykjavik, the food is pretty guaranteed to be safe, and the flying/jet-lag shouldn’t be too taxing on the bod. Still, I have a mixture of fear and excitement…

27 thoughts on “Babymoon in Iceland

  1. I think it sounds like an amazing trip! Enjoy every minute of it. :)
    J and I are going back to Belize in May as our “babymoon”/vacation…our bank accounts are not impressed but oh well sometimes you just need to get away! :)

  2. shut the front door. we were just talking about planning a trip in early june and iceland is on the list of potential destinations. i don’t think you’re being reckless at all. what are we supposed to do? sit at home under a blanket for 9 months? think about all those women in less cushy countries who have A TON OF BABIES and don’t appear to coddle their pregnant bellies the way we do. that thing in there is more resilient than it appears. dooooitttt! (of course, i was just thinking of writing a post talking about how hesitant i am to plan a major trip this summer because i don’t know what the status of my uterus/finances/dissertation will be, so feel free to not listen to me.) also, what the heck do you do for a living? and what was i thinking choosing anything else?

    • Oh em GEE, Lentil, seriously let me know if you guys end up going!! We’ll be there first 9 days of June, it seems… kind of in the countryside but not too far from Reykjavik. Keep me posted! Also, I’m a journalist — mostly arts but a lot of travel reporting, too. And while the press trips are very cool, they are also brutal in many, many ways, so don’t get too jealous. :)

  3. Do it! You deserve it! It sounds awesome!
    We are also having a hard time transitioning. We can’t quite wrap our heads around it. Still haven’t bought a pregnancy book. Maternity clothes might come sooner than I would like though I am still hesitant to buy any just yet. I was unable to button my jeans yesterday. I think the belly is going to show up much earlier with twins.

  4. I agree with Lamentingthelentil, you’re past job sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time and I’m glad I stumbled upon your musings. Gives me hope that “science” can in fact make my baby dreams come true after all.

  5. This is a great idea! I am sure it is very hard to just be a normal pregnant person now, but you should try to enjoy it! And a babymoon will help! We are planning a trip to Korea – which will be great if I am not pregnant and safe if I am 15 weeks pregnant too! Win. Win. Obviously I hoper our FET works, but it will be a good getaway, either way. So I say its a great idea!!!

    • Oh wow, now Korea — that would scare me! Not because it’s sketchy or anything, but that is one long-ass flight. I guess I probably say this because I have a fear of flying, so it’s like 13 hours of pure torture for me! :) I’m sure you guys will have an amazing (and hopefully pregnant) time!

  6. Dooooooo it! Do it for me, if nothing else! We weren’t able to take a babymoon because we’re tethered to Canada right now (stupid residency application) and I’m slowly going insane because of it. (Yeah, I guess we could have gone somewhere in Canada, but why spend tons of money just to endure -30 temperatures somewhere else?) It looks like a great trip. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. :)

  7. I had a couple of friends who went to Iceland a little while ago and they positively RAVED about it. You have to do this. When the baby comes (note the use of the word WHEN and not IF…get used to that!) you won’t be able to jaunt off like this. Enjoy your last bit of time as just the two of you. Everything else will work itself out!

    • Haha, I know, the hubs keeps referring to it as “our last vacation ever”… but I’ve heard that travelling with a 6-month babe is surprisingly easy because they’re just attached to your boob or sleeping pretty much. Who knows?

  8. WELL…I for one don’t think you should go.. BUT, that’s just because you didn’t ask me if i wanted to tag along..LOL!!! OMG, jealous over here!!! That looks amazeballs!!! Seriously, totes jealous and if I could hide in your bag I would.. Oh and also? I want that pony, so catch him and bring him to me! Kthanxbai ;-) (take lots of pics!!!)

  9. I am jealous, I wish, wish, wish I was going to Iceland. Jump on that and don’t think twice. You will never regret awesome trips no matter what happens.

  10. for the LOVE, go on the trip! I am super jealous, as a getaway of that caliber would be amazing. and like lentil said, we can’t live under a blanket for 9 months. have a little faith in life, you’re right-on-time embryo, and science :)

  11. Misscariagemoon? I know I shouldn’t laugh at that. I am not. Promise. Ok. Maybe I am laughing a little. I know you got this, though. Thats why I can laugh. Because there will be no misscarriagemoon. Because you’re having a healthy, awesome, puffy-all-over pregnancy. Holla!

  12. As everyone else has said, definitely DO IT! My hairdresser just told me all about her trip she has booked to Iceland and she had nothing but amazing things to say about it. The picture of that lagoon is magnificent.

  13. “don’t get too jealous” umm…..too late!! :) As for the trip, of course do it!! It’ll be perfect. All I crave these days is floating in warm water…never mind floating in Warm Water That’s The Color Of Dreams in fricking Iceland!!!!! Jealous, jealous, jealous! Share pics when you get back!

  14. I think the trip sounds amazing!!!! Love the pictures you posted and I’m hoping I will get to see your own :) OH! And if you ever go to Peru, let me know, I’m from there :)

  15. Wow those pictures look gorgeous!! My parents went to Iceland a few months ago and they LOVED it! I hope you go, and take lots of pictures! Also, I agree with Lentil. Babymoons are great and you totally deserve it!

  16. ooOOOooooOOOooo this sounds like such a good plan! Seriously,… GREAT PLAN!
    Right now I am planning several different mini vacas. I think people have lost the importance of taking vacas,,, having said that though they are going to be more like camping / stay cations. where we explore our town and neighboring areas better. Maybe some B and B spots not sure yet

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