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On a completely unrelated note: Can I just say a big WTF to all the news about Halle Berry expecting her second child — her PR rep actually said, “This happened naturally — everyone is really happy.” And then, it comes out that she is “three months along” and “having a boy.” Um, EXCUSE ME?! She is 46!! This did SO NOT happen naturally, especially not if she already knows the gender. Ugh — we need more celebrities to be open about their methods of conception and not perpetuate this idea that you can naturally get knocked up at 46 for gawdsakes. OK, rant over.

My actual post for today, which is far nicer:

A little while back, one of my close friends — who was updated on our fertility struggles very early on — sent me this list of 18 words and terms that should never have become obsolete. One of them was a 1950s folk saying from the Ozarks; apparently, these crazy kids used to refer to the state of being pregnant as being “with squirrel”. On the one hand, it’s kind of adorable; on the other, it’s pretty creepy (as the Ozarks generally are). I joked to her at the time that, if I ever got up the nerve to make a Facebook pregnancy announcement, I’d deliberately confuse everyone by declaring myself “with squirrel”.

Recently, this same friend knew that I was getting increasingly worked up about our 12-week ultrasound, so she came by yesterday with a little token to keep my spirits up… kind of a good luck charm, almost. Check it out:


How sweet is this little guy? He came all the way from Scandinavia (which isn’t the most fertile region, but whatevs). Normally I don’t believe in the power of inanimate objects to help determine fate, but in the same way I used to bang my head against my textbooks in university, hoping the information would somehow seep into my brain, I’m keeping Mr. Squirrel close to my chest in hopes that he’ll ensure there’s a live, healthy “squirrel” inside me on Thursday. THREE MORE DAYS!

19 thoughts on “Good luck charm

  1. Adorable! I totally believe in good luck charms. It provides a little bit of comfort and reminds you the little life you have growing inside you. Let us know if you ever do a “with squirrel” Facebook post :)

  2. amen to the comments regarding halle berry! and other stars for that matter; sadly, it confuses many women into thinking that their fertile years are longer than they actually are. furthermore, it further stygmatizes infertility and turns it into something shameful.

    good luck with your squirrel-postive energy!

  3. Such a cute necklace and gesture by your friend. Hope you see that little squirrel squirming around in a few days.
    Also, I have been scowling at all articles about Halle Berry. Today she is quoted as saying this is the biggest surprise of her life and she thought she was past this being possible. I don’t know. On the one hand I find it hard to believe she didn’t have help. On the other, it does happen. Women in their 40’s who assume they are no longer fertile find themselves with a surprise pregnancy. I read somewhere a while ago that women can have “bursts” of fertility before they start (or as they start) menopause. Who knows.

  4. 3 more days, you can do it! I hope little squirrel is doing great :) and oh my pickles that Halle Barry thing is annoying for sure. Oh celebs. Always perpetuating lies.

  5. Adorbs!! I love that necklace — what a sweet friend you have. Now I’m picturing an “I’m with squirrel” t-shirt (like those “I’m with stupid” t-shirts) and laughing to myself.

  6. While I am going to agree with you that I doubt HB is having a biological child and she should come forward to make the infertility challenged People like me feel better.

    Many PPL do find out the gender ever early. Through CVS, maternity21, NT scan can some times see gender esp if it is a boy. All of these test can be turned around quickly for an additional cost or increased risk factor. I imagine HB had all of these test with her DE IVF and yes it’s a marical she’s pregnant at 46 even with DE IVF. DEIVF did not work for me at 38 and were now using a gestational carrier and I am crossing my fingers and my toes that this little baby sticks into our young fertile uterus. I wish DE IVF was the golden answer but for many of us that are infertility challenged this is not always the golden egg.

    Good luck with you 12 week ultrasound. I think you good luck charm will bring you a healthy baby.

  7. 1. I LOVE that saying: “with squirrel.” Damn, I wish I’d know about that sooner! Anyway, I love the necklace and I feel very confident that the little squirrel charm is sending lots of good mojo to the little squirrel in your uterus. :)

    2. Aaargh, the Halle Berry stuff makes me stabby! I’m totally calling bullshit on it being a surprise pregnancy. Maybe it does happen every now and then, but…nuh-uh. Not buying it in this case. Just like I didn’t buy it when Kelly Preston miraculously became pregnant at 48. It ticks me off to no end that these women allow everyone to think that they were able to conceive naturally and with their own eggs. I know it’s not really anyone’s business how they build their families, but they’re doing a disservice to a lot of women by making them think that they too will be able to get knocked up naturally in their mid to late forties.

  8. Yeah, Halle is a lying liar who lies. No two ways about it. As for the squirrel, that is super cute and a very sweet gesture from your friend. Good luck with the ultrasound!!

  9. Best of luck on your ultrasound… I hope little squirrel is doing well!

    I would really like to know the truth on the Halle Berry situation as well. I have no idea if she’s lying about a natural conception- surprise pregnancies do happen to women in their 40s. But even if it wasn’t a natural conception, even if it wasn’t her eggs, does it matter? Is it any less a miracle that she’s as old as she is and having a seemingly healthy pregnancy? I just don’t get why she, or other celebrities for that matter, would lie. What’s to be ashamed of?

  10. LOVE the necklace and the phrase. Couldn’t agree more with the Halle Berry comments. I hadn’t heard this news but it already pisses me off. I love my RE for many reasons, not the least of which is the ironic article that he has hanging in his office about Nicole Kidman, where she talks about going swimming in a special Australian lake that caused her to get knocked up at 44. Hilarious. (But infuriating. And as many of the wonderful women in this community have said, truly doing a disservice to the truth and to the millions of women and men dealing with infertility in the real world.)

    • That is hilarious that your RE has that up on his wall! Same thing with Susan Sarandon — supposedly climbed a bunch of sacred steps somewhere and got preggo in her mid to late 40s, too. You have to laugh, really.

  11. Oh I just LOVE that. In so many ways, the necklace is a great gesture and a perfect good luck charm. I will keep my fingers crossed (and think about squirrels??) for the next three days. Can’t wait to hear about your appointment.

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