New bathroom, old bump…

OK, so here’s the latest bump pic (AND YOUR WARNING IF YOU HATE BUMP PICS THAT ONE IS COMING YOUR WAY), which now that I look at it is pretty damn huge, in comparison to the 16-week shot. You will also notice that my bathroom looks completely different (it’s not 100% done, but mostly) and my bangs have vanished (worst growing-out phase ever) and the photo itself is actually pretty grainy/blurry because I didn’t realize my mirror was all dusty. Anyway, this is where we’re at:


I can most definitely feel the dude kicking and swirling around, which is a weird sensation — it feels like my stomach is one of those spinning ball cages you see at bingo games, with the occasional ball really making its presence known. Like, “WHOA, calm down B6!”

As I may have mentioned, our hospital is a huge research centre and so every pregnant woman who walks in the door gets bombarded with various requests to participate in studies. I’ve already agreed to one study on bacterial vaginosis (didn’t end up happening because I tested negative), another study on whether online resources can improve one’s knowledge/perception of C-sections, and a third study on placenta health, where you agree to one extra scan at Week 20 and hand the thing over post-delivery in exchange for a bajillion ultrasound photos of your babe. So this is what I just did on Monday and, I have to say, the 3D images kind of creeped me out. They’re super lumpy and make the baby look like a jaundiced old man with lots of raised liver spots or something. The tech kept saying, “Look how cute he is!” and I kept replying, “Can we go back to the 2D version now??” Anyway, here’s the latest 2D image:


My mom said he looks like a Simpsons character, and I kind of have to agree… there’s some major overbite action there. But I’m also pretty sure it’s a weird angle and, as my friends have already scolded me, he’s only halfway through growing… you can’t criticize a painting when the artist isn’t finished yet (well, actually, I totally can — and also, I’m allowed to poke fun at my kid, especially when he can’t hear me yet.)

OK, but the craziest part is, the tech filled a USB key with images as well as video footage, in 3D with the corresponding 2D image in split-screen. Totally makes up for the $15 we had to pay for one lousy JPG during our 12-week ultrasound. Sadly, I can’t upload the video, but I swear it’s some crazy CCTV spy-cam action. Here’s a screen grab:


Nuts, eh? If this is what ultrasound technology is like now, I can’t imagine how much more sophisticated it’ll be 20, 50 years down the road. Full colour? High-res? Director commentary? The possibilities are endless…

25 thoughts on “New bathroom, old bump…

  1. Full-on bump there, lady! You look adorable. The bathroom looks pretty fabulous, too, though I could be biased because we used the same floor and white subway tiles.

    Babe looks too cute. Who doesn’t love an overbite?

  2. Your belly is beautiful!!!!! Holy cow. And while I see the Simpsons resemblance, unless you’re secretly married to Milhouse, I think you’re safe. Babies don’t look like Simpsons characters in real life unless their parents look like Simpsons characters. And you, my dear, do not.

  3. Aww, look at that adorable bump! And baby is looking great. :) (If it makes you feel any better, Seamus looked like he had an overbite at 20 weeks, too.)

  4. Wow what a difference a few weeks can make! Beautiful baby you’ve got there too. I agree with your friends, you cant’ judge a painting until it’s finished :) so happy for you!

    p.s. I am growing out a pixie too.. not fun, is it?

  5. You’ve got yourself a real, legit bump there, lady. Yay! The movement is a weird sensation for sure. I’m pretty sure I saw my belly move the other day with a kick but it’s still not strong enough to happen all the time.

  6. It always amazes me what a difference there is in a couple of weeks. You’ve officially “popped” and look wonderful!

    Congratulations on 20 weeks! Baby looks wonderful.

  7. You’ve got a bump! Woohoo! I’m going to try and capture mine on Monday at 20 weeks and post it. I swear it’s there now! I think there is some truth in the “how you carry” determines gender thing. I feel like I’m carrying really low and that’s supposed to mean boy. I’ve seen some of my friends carry girls and I think I remember them carrying higher. It’s probably a load of bullshit but right now I feel like it’s at least a little true.

  8. I think he looks CUTE in that 3D scan ;)

    You are looking awesome! You’re going to be the gal who wears her pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. You better remember to pack some!

  9. So… i’m being recruited for that same 3D placenta study… although I have 10 1/2 weeks to go before i’ll be getting all these wonderful photos. I swear one day I will be the person staring at you in the ultrasound room thinking I know you from somewhere but can’t quite place where. I think your baby is cute and you have the most beautifully enviable bump ever. Congrats on the bathroom.

    • Ha! So funny… I warn you, the moment you walk out of that ultrasound, another person will recruit you for the C-section awareness study :) Definitely say hi if you end up seeing me around the 3rd floor hallways — I’m sure I’ll be there a lot more often as things progress.

  10. Look at your lovely lady bump! There is no denying it now, it’s there fo sho. Also, your bathroom is looking great, love your tile choices! I, too, am weirded out by the 3D ultrasounds — too sci fi.

  11. 1) Love the bump, totally cute
    2) Love the pics… even love the overbite. He’s so cute and not like a lumpy old man at all (though I laughed at that description)
    3) Looove the bathroom! That’s exactly what we want to do, all black and white tile with subway tile in the shower… I see you even went with the dark grout. Looks awesome!!

    • HA! Good eye! We spent a stupid amount of time deciding on grout and ended up going with a light grey — definitely looks good, though, and should prevent staining. I think anyone who’s anyone is opting for this bathroom look right now!

  12. Look at that little munchkin!! So cute! Those scans are always a bit off so I wouldn’t worry at all about an overbite. Mine looked like she had no nose or chin in thec2d one at my 20 week, and I won’t even go there with my 3d pic at 34 weeks. wish I could unsee that one! You’re coming along great!

  13. Your bathroom looks great! And omg, you POPPED! That is a beautiful bump!! So exciting. I figured you would see a big difference at week 20, since that’s when mine really popped out, too! :-) Aww, your baby boy is so cute. They always look a little funny at this stage, before their fat fills in hehe :-) I love your description of movement!

  14. Ohhh I am behind on commenting here. But let me just say, you look great!! Very similar to my bump, actually. Do you ever feel like it looks bigger in clothes than without? Like certain shirts showcase the bump. Anyhow, I love your ultrasound photo. How funny your mom said he looks like a Simpson character. In our last scan, both of my parents (separately, divorced), said it looked like he has the Italian nose from my dad’s side. I just thought his nose looked adorable and tiny. Oh well.

  15. My BFF’s daughter looked positively chinless at 20 weeks. We were terrified for her future. I’m happy to report that she was born with a respectable chin and has a stunning jawline (or as much as is possible at 18 months). Fear not. He’ll prob come out with the chin and jaw of Fabio.

  16. Your baby is adorable- in 2d and 3d! And nice bump, btw… still jealous- I was about that size at 16-17 weeks with my daughter, and grew exponentially in the weeks that followed.

    Nice hair, too- starting to get longer!

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