Our new restroom…

Our bathroom reno was so successful, I think it’s best if we all start referring to this beauty as a restroom from now on. Sadly, I don’t have any decent “before” photos, but here’s a description of what it was like just a few weeks ago: Blue walls, shallow tub, blah shower fixtures, an uneven floor comprised of beige square tiles with gross blackish grout, a window with three different components to it wherein only the bottom right-hand square slid open, a flimsy storage cupboard with horizontal slats… Oh, screw it. Let’s make up some before photos, shall we? OK, try picturing something as fugly as this:


Or maybe even this:


Now, are you ready? Like, ready for the heavens to open up? And a chorus of bathroom angels to start singing? Here it comes…

This, dear friends, is The Restroom:



Some of my fave details: The rainwater showerhead, the deep-as-all-heck tub made for 6-foot-tall people like us, the little alcove for our shampoo bottles (yes, I’ve poured all our shampoo into fancy Gluckstein dispensers), the vintage-esque floor, the little knobs on the cupboard from Anthropologie that are shaped like old clock faces, and of course Krummi — the hanging raven, which I got in Iceland. Every single house we stayed at while in Iceland had at least one Krummi, so it’s a nice reminder of our babymoon.

Best of all, when we have a shower, it will no longer leak down into our living room (which was really why we did this reno in the first place).

Um, that’s all I got. No fertility-related news today… just hoping I won’t receive a phone call from the OB’s office saying my baby has Cystic Fibrosis… so, you know, the usual. :)

23 thoughts on “Our new restroom…

  1. SO pretty!! I am with Cristy – I want to change bathrooms! Our master bathroom looks like it belongs in the Olive Garden!

  2. Love it! Love the Krummi, too. I might have to get myself to Iceland. Although, I kind of love the second made-up before photo in a weird way, if I’m being honest. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re on safari while taking a #2?

    • Haha, I actually kind of love the old-school sink in the second “before” photo… it’s more the combo of animal prints and turquoise that seems a little odd. :)

  3. I would love a bigger bath tub and I’m only 67 inches tall. I want one of those slipper tubs with the claw feet. Love, just love your new “restroom”!

    • Rebecca, I totally wanted a clawfoot tub originally but our space was too small… apparently you’re only supposed to get those if you have a big open bathroom with square footage to spare. :P

  4. Looks great! Very much how I would design my bathroom if I wasn’t renting. Instead, I am stuck with blue and yellow tile walls from the 20’s. Sigh.

  5. OMG we have the EXACT SAME clock face knobs! We bought them at Anthro up in Yorkville and put them on an old bookcase. It looks a million times better. We also bought crystal ones and used them to jazz up an Ikea china cabinet. Too funny! Also, I love those floor tiles. Great job.

    • Dude, I stood in that exact Anthro store for like TEN HOURS because I couldn’t decide which knobs to get! I wanted the big flower ones, or so I thought, but they turned out to be a coral red instead of a deep red so would clash with the Marimekko shower curtain. I’m happy with the clock faces, though. :)

  6. I love it! I love it! And now I am super jealous of that bathroom because our one full bath is still old and gross and we are not sure when we are going to have the money to fix it up. :-(

  7. I feel like you took a picture of our bathroom as the before… except the tiles are forest green instead of aqua… with a forest green floor and forest green vanity. I refer to the bathroom as the incredible hulk bathroom.

  8. Love, Love, LOVE! I’m especially jealous of the deep tub. We had a really big, deep tub in our old house. In our current place, the tub was clearly designed for midgets. It sucks.

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