Happy happy dance time!

What’s that you say? Someone got her Cystic Fibrosis test results back and they were negatory? And someone also had another scan that showed “no trace” of echogenic bowel? I think we all know what this calls for… that’s right… some of this:

And a bit of this:

And just for good measure, perhaps a little pinch of this:

Of course, because my ultrasound peeps just LOVE to find stuff wrong with fetuses, they mentioned that my amniotic fluid was “on the low side of normal”, so that’ll be checked again in 4 weeks. But for whatever reason, I’m just not that concerned about this — my plan is to drink obscene amounts of water for the next month and cut back on the (already minor) doses of caffeine each morning. If you have hot tips on encouraging fluid retention, do share! And if not, then join me in deleting the Cystic Fibrosis bookmark from my Internet browser and doing plenty of happy dances today. :)

32 thoughts on “Happy happy dance time!

  1. YAY! I’m happy dancing for you all the way in Kentucky :) And yes, lots of water for the amniotic fluid. I keep a metal canteen with me at all times and fill it up at least four times a day. It keeps me good and hydrated. Added bonus: Minimal pregnancy poo backup :)

  2. That’s awesome news.
    Salt is a big one for water retention, do you go much on the salty foods? I live in Australia and half of my diet is Vegemite. You could always try it if you’re game, make sure to be heavy with the butter and sparing with the Vegemite if you do.

    • I’ve been trying to not go heavy on salty foods thanks to my history of hypertension, but I’m trying to drink coconut water to make sure I get electrolytes. And thanks to my British parents, I always have Marmite in my cupboard (my preferred conveyance method is with butter and cheddar cheese on toast), so will get right on that! :)

  3. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!! So, so happy!! I’ve been thinking about you a lot and wondering when they’d put you out of your misery. I guess the wait was worth it! Such wonderful, wonderful news.

    Also, thanks for the Napoleon Dynamite video :)

  4. We had a CF scare, too and I am totally with you on the happy dance once it is sorted out. Hooray!

  5. Yay!!! I just knew it would be okay, but it’s so wonderful to hear the news!!
    I’m not sure about the fluid thing. I think you’re right in drinking tons of water. I’ve heard a lot of ladies say they had low fluid and everything was okay. I hope it’s higher at your next appt!

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