And Lazy Embryo shall be rechristened Right On Time Embryo!

Once again throwing all logic and rationale to the wind, I woke up this morning and was convinced the sunshine outside my window meant my ultrasound would go just dandy. All this week, I’ve been coping with my usual dread that we wouldn’t see a heartbeat or we’d find out The Embryo Formerly Known as Lazy Embryo wasn’t growing on schedule. Add to this the fact that my husband is away for work, and it was just bad feelings 24/7. I couldn’t even blog, ladies, that’s how terrible it was. And yet, for some reason, I felt OK this morning, largely thanks to the aforementioned weather conditions in Toronto, as if I couldn’t possibly have a miscarriage while the sun was shining.

Fortunately, my gut was right. Yet again, I had the massively pregnant ultrasound tech, but this time I was kind enough to hurl fewer daggers at her via my gaze. Then when she started moving the wand around my stomach, she mentioned the transvaginal ultrasound that was coming up, and that it “should be the last one after this,” which sounded reassuring. Finally, right before the session was over, she turned the screen toward me and pointed out the embryo and the heartbeat.

I was shocked. Some garbled nonsense came out of my mouth. The image looked like all those images I’ve seen belonging to real, live pregnant women — but it was ME! As if!


Granted, it still looks more like a series of blobs than an actual human, and I have no freakin’ clue where its head is, but those are MY blobs up in that picture, bitches! And they’re measuring at 8 weeks 1 day, with a heart rate of 173, which means I’m officially transferring to an OB. I was kind of speechless as my fertility doc said, “My work here is done.” Then he gave me a hug, which I thought was nice.

So with that, I’m renaming Lazy Embryo as the new and improved Right On Time Embryo. My husband also calls him Spark, because that’s all he was on the ultrasound screen at the time of transfer, but frankly I think that nickname is a bit too cutesy.

Anyway, thank you all for being such a wonderful source of support throughout this insane process and having faith in this little guy when I didn’t. I’m sure this journey will involve a heck of a lot more stress and anxiety, but for once I’m feeling genuinely excited about it.

31 thoughts on “And Lazy Embryo shall be rechristened Right On Time Embryo!

  1. Yayyy I love this! You should throw yourself a graduation party. That is a beautiful blob you have there, and I’m so happy that he/she is no longer being lazy. So happy for you, girl! The sun is shining indeed.

  2. YAY!!! I knew ROTE was gonna be perfect! Good, strong hr and the yolk sac and baby look awesome! (the head is on the left looking if you’re looking directly at the screen) Just beautiful!!

  3. I want to let you know that your blog has been a bright part of my day and one of the things that keeps me going. I work for the company that makes the IVF oocyte imaging system (we named it Oosight) that I am proud to be able to say has helped you bring a new life into the world. Ironically for a life science company, we just lost a friend and colleague to cancer. He was an inspiration to us during this past year. One of the things he was proud of was the work he and we did to develop instruments for research into cures for cancer and in your case, “assisted reproductive technology” (ART). It’s somehow comforting to me to know that as one life leaves, another begins. Thank you.

    • What a sweet note, Ross, thank you! I do believe the Oosight made a difference in helping the embryologist select the right blastocyst to transfer in our case — and it reassured me to know that this process may have weeded out any embryos with chromosomal issues. Very sorry to hear about your friend, though, that’s so sad. Take any/all positivity you can get right now, I suppose…

  4. Bravo little fetus! I am so glad that things are working out so well for you. And yeah, sun = good. Although it’s still cold as a mofo out there.

  5. Ohhh! Yes! There certainly is A THING IN YOUR THING! Crazy! I would guess that its little fetus’ head is on the left. And I think you can see the little arm buds. Of course, I also have a realllly good imagination. But, whatever. I’m calling the left blob a head and the little pointy blobs on top hands. I seriously think they’re hands.

  6. “There’s a thing in my thing! Gah!” LOVE IT! Way to go Spark! (At least it’s not Sparky?) Glad to hear great news!

  7. Omg, I just love your sense of humor and writing style!! “There’s a thing in my thing!” That’s how I felt, too hehe!
    More importantly, YESSSSS!!!!!!!! :D I am so so pleased to see this news!! What a beautiful little gummy bear!! Perfection! CONGRATS!!

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