I really hope these don’t fizz

I’m sure many of you ladies out there have become well-acquainted with Endometrin — and by well-acquainted, I mean shoved it up your private parts. There’s a lot that gets shoved up our private parts during fertility treatments, of course, and I’ve already dealt with many of these things: Speculums, catheters, HSG fluid, progesterone-in-wax suppositories, ultrasound wands, etc. But when I received my box of Endometrin for my mock cycle, I was a little confused to see the description:

“Does that mean they’re fizzy?” asked hubby.

I really, REALLY hoped it did not. Although, that would at least give me the semblance of something going on up there. Normally, you place your ear to my womb and all you hear is crickets. Dead crickets, which are probably blocking my fallopian tubes.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that the Endometrin wasn’t fizzy, but did fizzle its way out of me pretty quickly much like every other suppository. Bye, fancy underwear!