ICSI and Oosight and Lupron, Oh my!

Relief! Such relief. Met with Dr. No Nonsense this morning and he said the results of my lining biopsy were normal, other than a mild infection, which I’m going to treat with a couple weeks’ worth of antibiotics. The great news is that we’re all cleared to start IVF in January! I feel like giving my uterus a hug and a little pat on the head — ya did good, kid.

So I got my protocol. It starts with Gonal-f, which is pretty much like an old friend at this point, then moves on to a couple of newbies: Lupron (which I’ve heard crazy rumours about) and Luveris (a form of LH that improves egg quality). We’ll be doing ICSI (or “ick, see?” as everyone in the biz calls it) and possibly assisted hatching depending on how my egg shells look. Oh, and because we LOVE doing as many tests as possible, we’ll also be doing this thing called Oosight, in which our RE fires laser beams at my embryos’ spindles to see if their chromosomes have split up evenly (yeah, science! Wait, um, maybe slow down a bit, science). Last but not least, we’ll be doing a Day 5 transfer because Day 3 transfers are considered “so last year” by our embryologist. Depending on how everything looks, we’ll transfer either one or two embabies. And then I’ll be knocked up!


And no, I will not even entertain the possibility of a negative pregnancy test after all of this insanity. Not an option.