PUPO by January 20th?

So, first off, I feel the need to say that I won’t be posting anything about the fucking HORRIBLE atrocity that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary—partly because a lot of other bloggers are doing such a great job of it and you should be reading what they have to say; partly because, as a treehugging pacifict Canadian, I have pretty unwavering convictions about gun control; and partly because I feel weird turning this space into anything other than a snarky infertility diary. The only thing I will say is that, according to statistics, most likely one or more of those kids shot last week belonged to parents who had gone through infertility treatment. I cannot imagine enduring years of negative pee sticks, IUIs and IVFs, miscarriages, etc., and then finally feeling like I made it to “the other side”, and then having that ripped away in an instant. Horrible.


So I received the beginnings of my IVF schedule, all of which was communicated in a voicemail message, meaning it’s a bit scattered, but whatever—still exciting. I’m on these antibiotics now, and on Sunday reacquainted myself with dear old birth control. I must say, just opening that 21-pack of tiny pills was like running into someone from university that I purposely have not kept in touch with. It was like, “Ohhhh, hey… you! Uh… long time no see? How’s it going? You totally look the same! But, like, different in a way!”

It matches my Estrace!

It matches my Estrace!

And it’s true—BCP hasn’t really changed, except that instead of taking Marvelon (was anyone else on that? I have this weird suspicion that I was the only person who ever got put on Marvelon), I’m now taking Apri (where on earth do they come up with these names, anyway? It’s like they just forgot the last letter of April and couldn’t be bothered to correct it). So far, no side effects, although I never seem to get any to begin with.

Anyway, after the BCP, we kick it up a notch!

Tomorrow is my teaching session for the injectables.
Dec. 27: I start on Lupron, 0.1 cc, taken at night once a day.
Jan. 11: Bloods and u/s, get other meds, return all consent forms, pay for IVF cycle and get another endometrial biopsy (which they probably won’t even look at—my doctor says they just do this because aggravating it makes the uterus extra “sticky”. Honestly, between the lasers and the biopsy-just-for-stickiness, I think my fertility doc is a little crazypants).
Jan. 13: Take more fertility meds (the Luveris, maybe?).
Jan. 15: Possible date for egg retrieval.
Jan. 20: Possible date for transfer.

Not totally sure where the Gonal-f will come in, so I need to clarify that, and I’m also not sure whether I’ll be going in for bloods and u/s every morning between the 11th and 15th (I assume I will), but otherwise it all seems pretty straightforward. There is a strong likelihood that I could be PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise, as they say in the TTC community) by Jan. 20. Never has a date sounded so magical and full of promise… January Twentieth… just has a nice mouth feel, don’t you think?