Babymoon in Iceland

After a reassuring 8-week ultrasound, my hubs and I were kind of like, “Erm, now what?” We’re used to 2-week waits and constant monitoring of my ovaries, not entire months going by in between check-ups on a fetus. That is living inside me. Presumably. We’re also accustomed to hearing shitty news, not hearty “congratulations” from fertility doctors. All this to say, we’re finding it pretty damn weird transitioning into the life of a couple with a (knock-on-wood) healthy pregnancy. We still aren’t going to buy any books or maternity clothes or nursery stuff until waaaaay down the line, but one thing we have managed to do is plan a babymoon to Iceland. My logic is, if we go in early June, we’ll be halfway into the second trimester, which is a pretty safe time to travel. And if all hell breaks loose and Right On Time Fetus doesn’t make it… well, it’ll just have to be a miscarriagemoon because I will go stark frickin’ mad if I don’t escape Toronto in the next few months. This sounds insanely snobby, but I’m used to going on press trips, very regularly, to exotic destinations, and I’ve had to turn down COUNTLESS trips this past year (Cuba, Peru, Napa, Italy, Grenada, etc.) all due to fertility treatments. I really, really, really just want to fall asleep on a plane and wake up to puffins and tiny ponies and volcanoes and so many women named Bj√∂rk.

I’m also desperate to visit the Blue Lagoon because, um, hello:


And apparently it’s safe for pregnant women to swim in, being at a nice warm 28 degrees instead of a boiling hot tub.

Also, look how cute this wee little Icelandic pony is:


He’s even got some kind of equine beard happening. You go, pony!

Anyway, we’re pretty stoked for this (even if our bank accounts are not) — but do you think we’re being reckless and stupid? All the “normal” parents we know say babymoons are essential to preserving sanity and we should go for it, but the infertile in me keeps saying, “Is this too risky?” The medical care in Iceland is top-notch and we won’t be straying too far from Reykjavik, the food is pretty guaranteed to be safe, and the flying/jet-lag shouldn’t be too taxing on the bod. Still, I have a mixture of fear and excitement…