Reportedly, supposedly, allegedly 11 weeks

So technically, it seems that I might be 11 weeks pregnant. There is now just one week to go until our 12-week NT scan and while I’ve had a pretty decent run at being nonchalant this past little while, I am now really starting to freak out that something is wrong and I don’t yet know it. Like, seriously, at this point in the game, I should be feeling SOMETHING, right? Tightness in my uterus? A rounder belly? (Well, maybe not because I’m 5’11”.) Trouble sleeping? Constipation? Honestly, I would take ANYTHING just to reassure me that Right On Time Fetus hasn’t lost his heartbeat or stopped growing.

To distract myself, I bought a pregnancy book. Figured that would be a really awesome way to not think about this pregnancy too much. Anyway, it is my first baby-related purchase, and I’m starting to think publishers should make shorter, cheaper books that are strictly for women who’ve become pregnant after infertility and therefore already know how reproductive systems work and in fact have already gone through most of the first trimester because they were too terrified to jinx the pregnancy by purchasing a stupid book about it. THAT, I would buy.¬†Instead, however, I opted to go with this one:


I very purposely did NOT give my hard-earned dollars to the already far-too-wealthy author who is bent on terrifying pregnant women everywhere with her book What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I really don’t need any extra fear in my life right now, thank you. Plus, this Mother of All Pregnancy Books got better reviews on Amazon, and it’s Canadian, so the references and resources actually make sense (because I really don’t need to learn about complicated insurance policies, thanks!).

Also, look how friendly this Ann Douglas lady looks!


Compare that to Heidi Murkoff, who has clearly had a little too much work done, which makes her totes untrustworthy in my opinion:


Aaaaaanyway, so I’m now on page 259 because, like I said, the entire first part of the book was talking about, like, charting your temperature, which I am just laughably beyond at this point. So far, I’m enjoying the read overall, but I can’t say I’m really learning very much. Yeah yeah, no raw dairy or fish; yeah yeah, don’t smoke or drink; yeah yeah, these are the symptoms you may be feeling right now. If anything, I’m just feeling more anxious that I’m experiencing NONE of those symptoms. Part of me just wants to leap ahead to the What To Do If A Test Brings Bad News chapter or the When A Baby Dies chapter because that’s more where my mind is at. But I know that’s not going to ease my stress levels.

Have any of you guys read preggo books you’ve actually liked, and felt were worthwhile reading? I am still feeling horribly nervous about spending too much time “preparing” at this point, but I can appreciate good advice!