First nightmare

OK, so usually when people start telling me about the craaaaazy dream they had last night, I start rolling my eyes because other people’s dreams are not entertaining. Like, “Ooooh, your brain had some unusual thought processes? That NEVER happens! FASCINATING….” The one exception to this rule is my husband’s dreams, because they genuinely make for the most absurd narratives (one of my favourites was one in which he was walking somewhere, then looked down and realizing he was walking on crocodiles).

Anyway, my point is that I will make this entry brief, in light of the fact that it involves a nightmare I had last night — the very first involving my pregnancy being at risk. In short, I was at some haunted hospital, at night, and a nurse was moving the doppler on my stomach, and said, “The heartbeat is too fast,” then gave me a look that said, “This is totally over.” And so I rushed to the fertility clinic for a proper ultrasound, except my doctor was suddenly Christopher Lloyd circa Back to the Future, and he wouldn’t let me do an ultrasound because I apparently broke the machine last time when I kept giggling. So I was begging and pleading with Christopher Lloyd and swearing on my life that I wouldn’t giggle anymore and I just really needed to see my baby.


And then I woke up. It sounds like the dumbest dream ever, but it was terrifying. I’m pretty sure what prompted this was something I read recently about how I shouldn’t be sleeping on my back because the weight of the fetus in my ute can compress some artery that, in turn, would make my heart rate slow down and deliver less blood/oxygen to the baby. And ALL last night, I kept waking up to find myself lying on my back, then panicking and turning onto my side. And then it would happen again, and again, and again (and this is especially weird because normally I hate sleeping on my back). OK, I’m boring myself now… so I’ll stop. But I think the lesson here is: Don’t ever watch Back to the Future. Or maybe also: Don’t freak out about every single pregnancy guideline. Take your pick.