Good news and bad news

OK, well I feel like I can half-exhale now. Just got a call from the nurse after going in this morning for Day 0 bloodwork and an ultrasound. I have 8 follicles on my right ovary, 10 on my left — they didn’t tell me the sizes, but I assume they’re nice and small. The problem is that my estrogen is higher than it should be. It’s at 320, and it should be 200 or less. My progesterone was 13 (isn’t this a bit high?), and my LH was 2.


So, this means I need to stay on the Lupron for an extra week and hope that my estrogen drops. If it goes down by the 18th, then I can start stimming with the Gonal-f and whatnot.

I guess this is better than having my entire cycle cancelled, but I’m pretty bummed about something not going right so early in the game. I’m also pessimistic about my estrogen actually decreasing, and now paranoid that my lining is getting even MORE stale. On top of this, I had my endometrial biopsy this morning — where they “nick” the lining to make it get extra sticky and help the embryo(s) implant — but if it’s going to be weeks before I get anything inserted in there, I highly doubt the stickiness will last. Why they scheduled the nicking BEFORE they’d gotten the results of my bloodwork, I have no idea.

Finally, if this cycle gets pushed back any further, I’m pretty sure it’ll mean that my hubby will be away for the transfer. He’s booked a work trip in early February that cannot be cancelled, and ugh — it will suck for him not to be here when they put the embryo in.