And we’re off! Woohoo!


Just got the call from our clinic — we are officially ready to start stimming! My estrogen has dropped wayyyyy down, from 320 to 65 (in U.S. terms, that’s from 87.2 to 17.7), and my progesterone went from 13 to 4.7. LH is still hanging out a steady and useless 2. Follie-wise, I’ve now got 14 on the right and 10 on the left, which is great — I’m really hoping for 24 children, ultimately, so fingers crossed. ;)

I thought I’d have to wait until Sunday to start my Gonal-f injections, but apparently my doctor wants me to begin them tonight, continuing through the weekend, with another check-in on Monday. Weird thing: I’m supposedly staying on Lupron for the entire ovary-stimulating process. Is this normal? I was kind of hoping I could kick it to the curb.

And once again, this messes with my calendar/timeline, but I’m pretty sure my Day 1 is now today — does that sound right?