Fertility meds giveaway!

I think I’m maybe somewhere around 5.5 weeks “pregnant” right now (sorry, I still can’t really believe this might be for real, and I continue to feel very glass-half-empty about it, so for now I’m putting that word in scare quotes). Anyway, regardless of whether or not this works out, I’m fairly confident in saying we won’t have to do another fresh round of IVF, what with 14 blastocysts chillin’ like a villain in the freezer. So with that in mind, I’m going to offer up the leftover meds I have, if any of you are preparing for IVF and would like them (for free). Unfortunately, I really don’t have that much, and I’m out of the expensive stuff like Gonal-f, but I figure I may as well pass this stuff on anyway:

– Estrace. 2 mg pills, 17 of them.
– Luveris. Two unopened boxes of 75 IU/1ml doses, with separate vials of water and accompanying syringes.
– I also have another whole lot of needles and syringes of varying sizes that would work for progesterone shots, Lupron injections — basically anything intramuscular or subcutaneous. I’ll send these with a bunch of alcohol swabs, too. Just promise you won’t use these to inject yourself with lethal substances, please.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in anything! Hopefully I don’t get in trouble with Canada Post… but if I do, I’ll just start crying. No one can get mad at a crying pregnant lady who’s just trying to help other crying ladies get pregnant themselves, right?