4dp5dt: Not feeling it

Four days after transferring Blastocyst #15 (I’ve decided to count down rather than up), I have to say, I’m not feeling this. Sometimes, I’ll obsessively try to symptom-spot, like, “Omg I can smell those flowers from halfway across the room — I must be pregnant!” (reality: they’re pungent flowers); or “Omg I felt a twinge on the right side of my uterus — I must be pregnant!” (reality: I’m gassy); or “Omg I just started to feel a bit dizzy and nauseous — I must be pregnant!” (reality: it’s first thing in the morning and I ate some potentially stale cheese the night before). In all honesty, nothing is going on. Not even sore tatas, which I should be feeling with all this progesterone in my system. So I’m pretty convinced, deep down, that a BFN is in my near future.

I guess what I’m wondering is: What’s the earliest I should be testing if I want 100% confirmation? I know some ladies out there start peeing on sticks at 5 or 6 days post-transfer, but those second lines are always so faint, and I really don’t want to deal with “squinters”. Just want a yes or no answer, straight-up. Should I wait until 9 days?

And yet, if I wait til then, I have a feeling my Valentine’s Day is gonna look like this: